5 Hotel Swimming Pool Safety Tips

With the summer months behind us, and outdoor swimming pools closed and covered for the wintertime, the idea of aquatic safety oftentimes is shuttled to a back burner. The reality is with the number of indoor pools, including in private residences, community centers, and hotels, swimming pool safety needs to remain front and center.

This particularly is the case as people make their holiday travel plans, adventures that oftentimes include staying at hotels and resorts with pools. There are 10 hotel swimming pool safety tips that you and your family need to keep front and center. On this list, we include some safety issues that you may not have really thought about, but which are very real risks associated with a hotel or resort pool.

Never Swim Alone

Hotels and resorts typically do not have lifeguards on duty. They may have swimming pool attendants passing out towels and monitoring the comings and goings of guests. However, these are not trained lifeguards. Children should never be permitted to access a hotel swimming pool without an adult supervisor watching their activities. Even adults decently versed in water safety are wise to have a pool partner when enjoying the water in a hotel.

Wear Water Shoes

When enjoying a hotel pool, wear water shoes. This protective footwear will safeguard against slips and falls on pool decks. In addition, water shoes guard against germs – viruses and bacteria – that lurk in public places, including swimming pool facilities and locker rooms at hotels and resorts.

Map Out the Pool Before Getting In

Before you and your loved ones enter a hotel or resort swimming pool, map it out. By that it is meant make sure you know which end is which. Identify the deep and shallow ends. Determine if there is a more sudden drop-off from the shallower to the deeper end of the pool, which sometimes is the design. Make sure you identify where the easiest ways to exit the pool are to be found in the event of an emergency, including steps and ladders. Identify the location of lifesaving gear, which should be located on the deck and easily accessible.

Avoid Unruly and Inconsiderate Guests

Unfortunately, time and again at hotels and resorts there will be unruly and inconsiderate fellow guests making use of pools. These are individuals who are overly aggressive or rambunctious in the water. Keep your distance and (particularly) direct your children to do the same. These disorderly guests present a risk of injury to you and yours that you need to minimize.

Do Not Run on the Pool Deck

The admonition not to run on the pool deck certainly is common sense. If there is a warning sign at a hotel pool, it includes the directive to not run. And yet, every year hundreds of people slip and fall on pool decks while running, sustaining what oftentimes prove to be serious injuries. There are even incidents every year in which people run on the deck, slip and fall, knock themselves out, and end up in the pool facing the very real risk of drowning.

Your Rights After a Hotel Swimming Pool Drowning Accident

Unfortunately, you may follow all necessary hotel pool safety tips and nevertheless experience a situation in which you or a family member are injured in an aquatic accident. Sadly, this may include a loved one involved in a hotel swimming pool drowning accident.

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