Local Government Negligently Sets Stage for Drowning Accident

A local government’s negligence is being cited as the primary reason why a 13-year-old boy has ended up on life support and with no brain activity as the result of a public pool accident. The drowning accident happened in Wyandotte County, Kansas, a greater Kansas City suburban community. The major newspaper in the metro area, the Kansas City Star, has declared the conduct of the Wyandotte County Unified Government “scandalous negligence.”

County Government Fills Parkwood Pool with No Intention of Opening It

The Wyandotte County Unified Government recognized that people were eager to get out of doors and enjoy community recreation after a year of relative isolation as a result the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the county was diligent in filling its pools with water and getting these facilities staffed and open – with one exception, a location known as Parkwood Pool.

The county government filled Parkwood Pool with water, although the county had absolutely no intention of opening that facility to the public. The net effect was to create an attractive nuisance, particularly for children in the neighborhood of the Parkwood Pool.

The same level of safety protocols found at the other area pools that were filled with water and fully operational were lacking at the Parkwood Pool site. For example, there were no staff on hand at the Parkwood Pool location. Moreover, the level of security in place at other swimming centers operated by the Wyandotte County Unified Government was lacking at Parkwood Pool.

13-Year-Old Boy on Life Support

Responding in a natural manner to the attractive nuisance created by the Wyandotte County Unified Government at the Parkwood Pool, a 13-year-old boy went to the facility in June. He easily entered the facility and took to swimming. At some point during his unsupervised expedition, the boy drowned.

Police officers ultimately ended up at the scene, where they found the boy in the deep end of the pool and unresponsive. The officers performed lifesaving measures at the scene. The boy was transported to Children’s Mercy Hospital where he was placed on life support.

As of this writing, the hospital reports that the youth remains on life support. According to hospital representatives, the boy is showing no sign of brain activity at this juncture in time.

Parkwood Pool Remains Filled with Water and in Same State

Despite the drowning of the 13-year-old boy, the Wyandotte County Unified Government has taken no affirmative steps to drain the water hazard at Parkwood Pool. The government has done nothing to beef up security around the facility. In simple terms, the pool remains a potentially deadly attractive nuisance continuing to jeopardize the lives of people in the community. The government has given no indication of when residents in the areas can expect action to be taken in regard to the dangerous water hazard created in the community by the Wyandotte County Unified Government itself.

Legal Support After a Drowning Accident

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