Understaffed Hotels and Increased Injuries at Vacation Properties

A previously unanticipated consequence of life in the post-pandemic world is understaffed hotels across the United States. While many people may immediately presume that hotel understaffing will result in fewer wait staff and hospitality staff members, the reality is that this employee shortfall is presenting real safety issues at hotels, resorts, and motels across the country. The consequence of understaffed hotels is raising the risk of injury, including drownings and other aquatic injuries, at hotel, resort, and motel properties from coast to coast during the summer holiday season.

Hotel Pool Safety Issues in the Post-Pandemic World

Hotels, resorts, and motels are already in the bullseye when it comes to properties at which pool safety is a recurring issue. Oftentimes, pools at these properties do not have a lifeguard staff. In fact, motel pools rarely have lifeguards, hotel pools occasionally have lifeguards, and resorts usually do have these safety staff members. With that said, the presence of lifeguards is not a foolproof method of ensuring that guests, particularly children, are provided with a suitable level of safety when swimming or otherwise recreating around a pool.

The limitations associated with lifeguards at vacation property pools has become more significant in the post-pandemic world. Hotels, resorts, and mortals are finding themselves short staffed as Americans return to holiday and business travel across the country. The staff shortage reaches that associated with vacation property pools and other water features. The net effect is that guests at hotels, resorts, and motels are now at greater risk of drowning and other aquatic accidents than would have been the case if proper levels of staffing (including lifeguards) would have been able to be maintained.

Resort Beach Safety Issues in the Post-Pandemic World

The risk of drowning accidents and related incidents at beaches is also on the rise due to a significant staff shortage at resorts in different locations in the United States. This includes a reduced number of lifeguards and reduced maintenance of safety equipment necessary to be maintained at beaches under the control of and operated by resorts.

The reality is that due to short staffing, resorts should be limiting access to beaches in order to maintain an appropriate level of guest security. In the aftermath of the pandemic, and with the perceived need to attract as many guests as possible to their properties, resorts do not appear to be reducing beach access even when potentially risky staff shortages exist.

Understanding the Legal Doctrine Designed to Protect You and Your Loved Ones

Hotels, resorts, and motels are bound by what is known as the legal doctrine of premises liability when it comes to keeping their properties safe for guests. This includes pools and surrounding areas. The doctrine of premises liability requires a hotel to take all appropriate steps to keep pools, pool decks, other recreational facilities, and the property as a whole in a reasonably safe condition for guests.

In regard to a reasonably safe condition, steps a hotel must take are those that a similarly situated lodging property would have in place in similar situations. The failure to take such appropriate safety steps and precautions can be considered negligence should a guest be injured as a result of this type of dangerous shortcoming by a property.

Protect Your Legal Rights after a Pool or Beach Injury

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