Iowa Amusement Park Accident Devastates Family: Son Killed in Raft Ride Aquatic Accident

The Jaramillo family traveled to Adventureland Park, a Des Moines, Iowa area amusement park, to celebrate the birthday of the family’s teenage son, David Jr. What started off as a day of fun in the sun for the family turned into an inconceivable nightmare as the result of a catastrophic aquatic accident on the Adventureland Park Raging River raft ride. The raft on the Raging River ride carrying six members of the Jaramillo family somehow overturned, pinning all of the celebrating relatives under the water.

Young Son Killed, “Birthday Boy” in a Coma

The consequences of the Adventureland Park Raging River raft ride aquatic accident are nearly impossible to comprehend:

  • Michael Jaramillo, an elementary school student, was killed in the Adventureland Park Raging River ride aquatic accident
  • David Jaramillo, Jr., the teenage celebrating his birthday, is in critical condition and is in a medically induced coma
  • A third teenage son was injured, but has been released from the hospital
  • David Jaramillo, Sr., the boys’ father, was also injured but is not currently hospitalized
  • Sabrina Jaramillo, the boys’ mother, was also on the fatal water ride trek but evidently was not significantly injured
  • An 18-year-old female relative was also on the water ride with the rest of the Jaramillo family, but she evidently did not sustain significant injuries
  • All of these family members are residents of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Investigators Shut Down Raging River Raft Ride

Adventureland Park is a family-owned amusement park located in the Des Moines suburb of Altoona. Evidently, directly after the fatal aquatic accident, the owners of the park elected to voluntarily shutdown the deadly ride for the time being.

State authorities were not satisfied with this somewhat unclear indication that the owners of the amusement part would shutter the ride for the time being. The Iowa Labor Commissioner, who has authority over enterprises like Adventureland Park, issued an order barring the Raging River water ride from being operated in any fashion until state investigators have completed their work. In addition, any and all deficiencies associated with the water ride will need to be fully rectified before it can return to operation. There is no timeframe at this juncture as to when the comprehensive investigation will be completed.

Not the First Death on the Adventureland Park Water Ride

In the aftermath of the fatal accident on the Raging River water ride, Adventureland Park issued a statement that no guest had ever been killed at the amusement facility. While that may be true, in 2016 an Adventure Land employee named Steve Booher was killed while working on the Raging River water ride.

He was assisting guests in and out of rafts. As the result of what has been described as “operator error,” Booher was pulled off his feet into the water. His head ended up getting trapped between the raft and a wall associated with the ride. He suffered traumatic brain injury and died.

Legal Rights after an Aquatic Accident

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