Accidental Drowning Water Safety Laws and Regulations

There are voluntary guidelines that were developed by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. These voluntary guidelines include both labelling and education. This is the effort of addressing the very real hazard of children having drowning accidents or death in buckets as little as five gallons. On face that might seem crazy, but the reality is that it's not a late night joke.

Oregon, California, Florida and Arizona (along with many different communities) have put safety laws into place with the requirement of residential swimming pools having some type of a fence around the pool.

Additionally, 38 states have also enacted laws for boating safety which require that children wear (at all times) a PFD whenever they're not only on a boat but also whenever they're near any open body of water. Not one law is exactly the same, they have variances in:

  • Enforcement Procedures
  • Exemption Procedures
  • Age Requirements

All recreational boats must have a minimum of one PFD that's properly sized and also approved by the United States Coast Guard. Furthermore, the PFD must be in good condition, easily accessible and must be the case for each and every person that's onboard.

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