14-Year-Old Girl Killed in Middletown, Ohio Waterpark

14-year-old Mykiara Jones was killed at the Land of Illusion Adventure Park in Middleton, Ohio. Details surrounding this Ohio waterpark accident remain muddled, even after a rather extensive investigation. What is known is that the teenager was attached to and using some sort of jumping apparatus, a type of “thrill ride” created and operated by Land of Illusion Adventure Park. While on the thrill ride feature, the girl somehow plummeted into the water.

Local fire rescue personnel were quick to respond to the waterpark accident. Rescue personnel performed CPR on the girl for about 30 minutes. She was then airlifted to a local medical center where she did later die.

The Montgomery County Coroner has determined that Jones died as the result of drowning after plunging into the water while on the thrill ride apparatus. The death has been ruled accidental. That time of determination might eliminate the possibility of any type of criminal action but doesn’t relieve the waterpark operators of liability or responsibility for the tragic death of the teenage girl.

Despite the coroner’s ruling, the Butler County Sheriff’s Department has launched an investigation into the amusement operators. The Sheriff reports that park has been the subject of what are described as “numerous complaints.”

A Sheriff issued a statement regarding the nature and extent of the investigation:

This investigation may extend beyond my office and I plan on contacting OSHA and the Attorney General's office for assistance. After this tragedy, the number of complaints has been staggering and I feel it's very important to obtain all relevant facts to ensure everything is being done according to regulations and safety guidelines.

The waterpark facility has released its own statement regarding the death of Mykiara Jones. An excerpt from the lengthy statement, in which the park skirts the subject of responsibility, states in part:

That a young child lost her life on July 20, 2021, at the Land of Illusion Adventure Park is devastating. All of us who work there grieve with the family and offer our prayers for strength at this time of unimaginable loss and pain. It is heartbreak no family should have to endure. It is also an experience that will forever impact every one of our team members, guests and first responders who joined or witnessed the rescue effort.

Cooperating with the authorities evaluating the events of that day and supporting our team members have been our priority. We are committed to supporting whatever investigations are required and proceeding with care and compassion for the grief that still hangs heavy over our community.

In an apparent attempt to mitigate the potential consequences of multiple complaints made against the waterpark and the tragic death of a teenager, the company that owns the amusement facility hired its own specialist to make recommendations. These recommendations evidently are presented to make the facility safer for patrons and include:

  • Addition of water-based technology that detects movement in the water
  • Addition of side-scan sonar to located anyone who goes underwater in an emergency situation
  • Addition of a remote underwater vehicle for use if a person goes missing underwater
  • Have dive equipment onsite
  • Train staff in underwater diving
  • Addition of jet ski with drag board for emergency purposes

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