Drowning Accident Brain Injury: A Traumatic Life-Altering Event

Drowning Accident Brain Injury: A Traumatic Life-Altering Event

Children and Adults End Up with Drowning Accident Long-Term Disability Every Year

As is discussed in a moment, the drowning accident rate in the United States is alarming. This includes the number of people who die each year in pools and other bodies of water (including oceans, lakes, rivers, and waterparks). In addition, drowning accident brain injury is a shockingly common situation in the country as well in this day and age.

This blog post is designed to provide you some essential information about drowning accident brain injury. If you desire more information or have the need to discuss this type of situation with a skilled lawyer, the drowning accident brain injury lawyer hotline is available for you at (800) 349-0000. The hotline is staffed every day of the week, around the clock – including all major holidays.

Arm Yourself with Drowning Accident Facts

The drowning accident rate across the United States is alarming. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that about 10 people are killed in drowning accidents daily across the country. One additional person ends up dead in some for of boating-related incident.

Tragically, children represent a significant number of drowning accidents each year in the U.S. 20 percent of all fatal drowning accidents involve children under the age of 14. In addition to this death toll, for every child who is killed in a drowning incident, five more are taken to the emergency room for nonfatal water submersion associated injuries.

When it comes to people treated in emergency rooms for all types of accidental injuries, about 6 percent end up admitted into the hospital. The remaining 94 percent are treated and released. The same cannot be said of nonfatal drowning victims taken to the ER. Over 50 percent of nonfatal drowning victims need additional hospitalization. Unfortunately, each year a significant number of these individuals requiring long-term medical assistance arising from a drowning accident brain injury.

Drowning Accident Brain Injury

A good deal of attention is paid to fatal drowning accidents that occur every day in the United States. A reasonable argument can be made that not enough attention is paid to one aspect of nonfatal drowning accident injuries that can result in long-term and even permanent disability. Every year, adults and children alike face a truly life-altering event when they suffer severe brain damage as the result of a nonfatal drowning accident.

The most common types of long-term disabilities that result from brain damage associated with a nonfatal drowning accident include:

  • Memory issues
  • Cognitive deficiencies
  • Learning disabilities
  • Partial loss of basic bodily functioning
  • Permanent vegetative state

A brain injury can prevent a person from experiencing many (and sometimes all) of the important activities of daily living. For example, brain damage can result in a situation in which a person cannot fully enjoy his or her family life. An individual might not be able to return to his or her job following a nonfatal drowning accident. Indeed, a person might not be able to work at all following that type of incident. All of these types of injuries and damages represent the types of losses for which a skilled drowning accident brain injury attorney seeks full financial compensation on behalf of a client.

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