Sun Glare Allows Girl to Drown

Eleven-year-old Mariyama Suleman’s first trip to a swimming pool ended with her at the bottom of Knickerbacker Park Pool last year.

The outing with her family left her dead. Although she was still alive when the lifeguards rescued her, she later died at Albany Medical Center Hospital from brain injuries resulting from lack of oxygen.

The incident has been blamed on glare and a lap lane stripe that may have prevented city lifeguards from spotting her, reports say. A report says that lifeguards did not see her in distress.

The conclusion to the investigation was issued nearly 18 months after the accident occurred. Mariyama was not a swimmer – and she spent most of her time in the four-feet-deep area of the pool, three times being warned to stay in the shallow end of the pool before moving into the deep water and drowning, reports say.

The young girl was eventually pulled from the pool by another swimmer. Lifeguards attempted to revive her until city police and firefighters arrived.

The report recommended improvements, such as portable elevated chairs and roving lifeguards along the pool side and keep CPR equipment at poolside instead of in the pool building. Also, due to the glare, one suggestion was that lifeguards wear polarized sunglasses.

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