Near Drowning Accidents and Hiring a Drowning Lawyer

Injuries suffered from a near drowning accident are a heart wrenching time for the person involved as well as the entire family. Near drowning accidents cause injuries that can include permanent disability and/or lengthy periods of recovery. Both of those can have immense levels of impact on both the entire family unit and the victims themselves.

Consequences of a near drowning accident include:

  • Mild Brain Injuries
  • Serious Brain Injuries
  • Respiratory System Problems

Following a near drowning accident, you should seek immediate legal counsel. The Doan Law Firm is wholly prepared to guide and support you throughout the entire legal process and ensure that you and your family are receiving the compensation needed to obtain the professional and adequate care for your loved one.

After your free no obligation initial consultation, we'll be able to discuss all of the merits of your case as well as the best path forward. After we take your case, we do it on a contingency only basis. This means that you pay no upfront fees, nor any fees throughout the duration of your case.

We earn our fee through a small percentage of whatever verdict or settlement we win on your behalf and only after a successful resolution of your near drowning accident case. There's no fee unless we win, if we fail to win you'll never owe us a dime.

The Long Term Consequences Of Near Drowning Accidents

Due to the deprivation of oxygen, near drowning accident victims can be left with permanent brain damage and long term disabilities that will require constant nursing care along with top notch medical treatment. The near drowning accident personal injury lawyers at The Doan Law Firm understand all of the consequences of these types of accidents and you have the full dedication of the entire firm to ensure that you receive the full compensation that you rightfully deserve and are entitled to, not only for your medical expenses (current and future) but for your pain and suffering and all other damages that you've incurred and will incur. Consult with a lawyer at The Doan Law Firm to learn how you'll be able to hold the negligent parties responsible for their actions.

Near Drowning Accident Lawyer

Most often a near drowning accident is going to occur due to the negligence (of some form) on behalf of the:

  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Facility Staff
  • Owners of the Property
  • Property Management
  • Security Companies
  • Pool Maintenance Personal
  • A Combination of Any of The Above

Additionally, a near drowning accident can happen when there are watercraft operators that are driving recklessly, perhaps even driving their watercraft while intoxicated. When someone is operating a watercraft recklessly, and especially if they're drinking as well, it'll increase the chances of a dangerous accident happening immeasurably.

Whenever there are too few lifeguards or the lifeguards are busy and/or distracted, they're unable to monitor all of the people who are in the pool or on the beach and are likely to miss someone who is in trouble. Any improper maintenance in the facility or when there are conditions of overcrowding there's automatically conditions created where a near drowning accident disaster can happen.

The experienced near drowning accident lawyers at The Doan Law Firm have knowledge in the complexities that surround this type of a case along with all the required safety regulations concerning water parks, beaches, spas, pools, boating accidents and operations, requirements of lifeguards and so on.

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