Adult Supervisor Shirks Responsibility at Hotel Pool, 5-Year-Old Nearly Dies

Tragedy, with light at the end, struck at the Country Inn & Suites in Brighton, New York this week. A 5-year-old boy was pulled unresponsive from the water in what is being described as a near-fatal drowning accident. In this case, paramedics were able to revive the child and he is expected to fully recover after his admission to an area hospital.

This near fatal drowning accident appears to be a situation had adults acting responsibly. The child was “dropped off” at the hotel pool for some sort of child’s party. After depositing her child poolside, the mother evidently departed the scene.

In fairness to the parent, there was an adult designated to monitor and watch over the children at the party. At this time, there is a lack of clarity as to how many children were attending the party. In addition, early results from the investigation of the hotel drowning accident suggests that parents left their youngsters at the pool for an event seemingly to be supervised by one adult.

There is also a lack of clarity as to whether the designated adult pool supervisor is (or was) a staff member of the hotel. With the exception of larger resorts, hotel and motel pools rarely have property employees assigned to safeguard the pool.

What is clear is that the designated adult monitor left the pool area before the young child nearly died. At some point, other yet to be identified individuals pulled the child from the water and began performing CPR until emergency medical personnel arrived at the scene. The adult supervisor evidently was not to be found at the time paramedics reached the hotel.

As mentioned previously, paramedics performed lifesaving measures at the scene and transported the child to a local hospital. Reports are that the child will make a full recovery.

How the child nearly drowned and lost consciousness in the hotel pool is still being investigated. There is a possibility that being so young and not highly skilled at maneuvering in the water, the child succumbed in the pool. On the other hand, investigators believe that it is also possible the child was eating while in the pool and chocked on a food item, which resulted in the near drowning accident. In either situation, it is fair to note again that the near drowning death of the child as an avoidable accident had adults been more fully engaged with the overall situation.

The Brighton, New York near drowning accident illustrates the importance of comprehensive safety protocols when it comes to children and pools. First and foremost, children should never – never – be left unattended in or near a pool. (The same holds true for children in bathtubs. Children have drowned in as a little as a less than an inch of water, as a consequence of their age and a lack of adult attention.)

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