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Considering the fact that Texas is also the second most populous state, only after California, it's understandable why we would have a relatively high rate of drowning accidents and near drowning accidents as compared to other states in the U.S. With the Rio Grande, the Red River, the Brazos River and the Gulf of Mexico, Texans partake in every type of aquatic-related recreational activity known to man, especially in the simmering summer months. Thousands of tourists flock to the state year-round thanks to the Dallas Cowboys, the Dallas Mavericks, the Dallas Stars, the Houston Astros, the San Antonio Spurs, and the Texas Rangers, leaving ample opportunities for something to go terribly wrong while the tourists are visiting our local water parks, hotels and motels.

Handling a Broad Spectrum of Aquatic Accidents

There is no doubt that there are a plethora of water-related activities to enjoy in Texas; however, due to the large numbers of Texans and visitors to the state partaking in recreational activities, drowning accidents are a common event that can occur anyplace and at any time. The largest contributing factor to drowning accidents is negligence; this means that the vast majority of drowning deaths could have been prevented had the liable party had been acting more responsibly. If you or someone you love has been involved in a beach accident, a diving board accident, or a drunk boating accident, then it's absolutely critical that you contact a Texas drowning attorney from The Doan Law Firm, P.C. without delay.

The legal team at the firm provides one-one-one, compassionate representation to those that have suffered undue injuries due to a near drowning accident, and to the surviving family members of those that have died in a wrongful death drowning accident. The firm handles virtually any type of aquatic injury or death case whether it involves Cryptosporidium, or beach patrol negligence, improper CPR, improper lifeguard training, or even a river drowning, or a school pool drowning. The firm understands the high levels of grief, frustration and stress you are experiencing at the moment and they will do everything to explain drowning accidents & your rights. At a time when the insurance industry and the legal system are overwhelming and confusing, the skilled legal professionals at our firm can provide you with the answers you are looking for, as well as the direction you need to pursue maximum compensation on behalf of the injuries sustained in the water-related accident.

Determining Liability in Accident Claims

There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter approach to aquatic injuries and drowning accident claims. Because the location of the accident and the extent of the injuries vary so widely, it will be necessary to have a lawyer from the firm determine legal liability. Where the injury occurred and how it occurred is extremely critical, as is the extent of the injuries, for both will play a role in who is held accountable for the injuries and also how much compensation either they or their insurance company will be responsible for paying.

To illustrate, if someone becomes sickened with a water illness at a hotel, or if a small child is injured due to a pool chemical accident at such a hotel, the hotel may be considered legally liable for any injuries sustained. On the other hand, if someone is injured or killed in a drunk boating accident or in a lake drowning because of a drunk boater, then the boat operator and his or her insurance company will be held financially responsible for the injuries or death incurred.

Cruise ship injuries typically fall under premises liability law, meaning the cruise ship is ultimately held responsible for any slips or falls, or any other injuries sustained on the ship. In cases where small children die as a result of a defective pool fence, or a defective pool gate, or where swimmers are injured or killed in a pool drain cover accident, then the claim would be categorized under product liability law.

The legal team has an in-depth knowledge of all types of aquatic accidents, whether they occur in a back yard pool, at a hotel or motel, at a water park, or due to an offshore rig drowning or an offshore boat drowning. Because of their deep knowledge of aquatic injuries and Texas State laws, they are more than qualified to represent all types of drowning accident victims throughout the state. If your loved one has suffered serious spinal cord injuries, or brain injuries, or death due to a drowning or near drowning accident, you are going to want to hire a law firm that focuses a great deal of energy and effort in these types of claims, as opposed to someone who only dabbles in drowning cases on a rare occasion.

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Drowning accidents can wreak havoc on your loved ones and such accidents can change the course of the victim's life and their loved ones' lives forever. The firm understands the pain and emotional suffering you are going through, as well as the trials and tribulations that lay ahead. When your loved ones are tragically affected by a drowning accident, your family deserves nothing less than maximum financial compensation.

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    “We were treated as if we were their number one and only client.”

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    “They always answered the phone when I needed an update and always kept me informed.”

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