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Pool Chemical Accidents

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Pool chemicals are a normal part of most public pools and spas, especially since they keep swimmers safe from bacteria and parasites. However, when stored or used improperly, these chemicals can pose serious risks to swimmers and pool employees alike. From burns to respiratory issues and damage to digestive systems, pool chemical accidents can have lasting effects. The Doan Law Firm, P.C. has a lengthy track record of fighting for fair compensation for pool accident victims and their families. Attorney Jimmy Doan has more than 15 years of experience in the aquatic safety business. His team of legal professionals is dedicated to providing the best representation possible for drowning and aquatic accident victims nationwide.

Understanding Pool Chemical Accidents

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, pool chemicals can cause a variety of injuries. While pool chemicals are meant to be added to a large volume of water, dangerous reactions can occur if they are mixed with smaller amounts of water, including high temperatures and toxic gas emissions.

Pool chemicals can also result in accidents or injuries when mixed incorrectly. This can happen when using the same tools to measure or move different chemicals, when residue left on a container mixes with a new chemical, or when chemicals are spilled.

Although pool accidents are not intentional, a variety of individuals can be held legally responsible depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident. For example, if the pool maintenance company showed negligence in storing or using pool chemicals, they may be liable for any injuries sustained as a result. Similarly, if pool operator negligence appears to be a factor in the accident, that individual or company can also be legally responsible.

Drowning Lawyer Fighting for Victims Rights

If a you or a loved one has been involved in a pool chemical accident, a drowning lawyer at the firm can gather evidence to prove liability and work toward getting the maximum monetary compensation possible. The legal team handles each case with the utmost respect and care and is dedicated to helping accident victims and their families.

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