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Pool Accidents

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Swimming pool accidents can be devastating. One moment, everything seems fine, the next moment, an individual could be suffering serious injuries or even become a victim of drowning. Whether they take place at a homeowner's association pool, apartment pool, or a private residence, pool accidents can leave families and friends wondering what went wrong. The Doan Law Firm, P.C. has an extensive history of representing pool accident victims and their family members across the United States. Attorney Jimmy Doan is a skilled drowning attorney with more than 15 years of experience in the aquatic safety business. The legal team at the firm handles each case with the utmost respect and care, while fighting aggressively for fair compensation.

Types of Pool Accident Injuries

Often, pool accidents are not the result of egregious error on the part of a parent or family member. In fact, many pool accident victims are under some sort of supervision at the time of the incident. Whether injuries are sustained as a result of a defective pool gate or a pool drain cover accident, the lives of all involved can change drastically in a matter of moments.

Non-fatal Pool Injuries

Ranging from a traumatic brain injury (TBI), which can be sustained when an individual hits his or her head, to disembowelment, which can occur if an individual sits on top of a pool drain, non-fatal pool accident injuries can have lasting effects for victims and their families. Medical expenses for these individuals can skyrocket, and may remain elevated for the remainder of their lives.

Fatal Pool Injuries

Fatal pool injuries are catastrophic for friends and family members. Many happen when parents or caretakers take their eyes off a child for just a moment. It takes just a moment for small children to wander toward and fall into nearby swimming pools. Other fatalities occur as a result of lifeguard negligence or pool operator negligence.

A Skilled Drowning Lawyer Can Fight for Victim's Rights

When a loved one is involved in a pool accident, a drowning attorney from the firm works closely alongside the family to help them through this emotional time. Attorney Jimmy Doan and his team of legal professionals review each case, gathering evidence to hold the right individuals responsible and recover the maximum monetary compensation possible. The firm is dedicated to helping pool accident victims and their families and is available 24/7 to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

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