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Negligent Pool Maintenance

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Keeping up with the maintenance of a public or private pool is key to ensuring the safety of pool users. Maintenance regulations cover the proper functioning of pumps, filters, and drains, and cleanliness issues such as chlorine levels and floating debris. It is the responsibility of the pool owner to make sure the facility is clean and safe. When a pool is not suitably maintained, swimmers and other users can become seriously injured or even drown. If this has happened to you or someone you love, The Doan Law Firm, P.C. has the knowledge of federal and state regulations needed to fight for your rights and bring justice to your case.

Pool Maintenance Requirements

Many aspects of pool maintenance go into making it a safe environment. Mechanical parts such as pumps, filters, drains, and chlorinators must be fully operational while a pool or spa is available for use. The pH levels and chlorine content of the water must not drop below or rise above certain parameters. Pool owners should regularly clean away debris, slime, algae, and scum from all pool surfaces and surrounding areas. Any suction drain covers should be secured, and pools with faulty or missing drain covers should be closed until the covers can be replaced. Other potential causes of pool accidents include murky water, rusty or broken ladders, slippery or brittle diving boards, defective fencing around the pool, improper lighting, and lack of life preservers. Injuries or drowning deaths due to any of these factors are not only tragic but also usually completely preventable.

Don't Wait to Contact a Drowning Lawyer About Your Case

A pool owner who fails to properly maintain his or her facility, whether public or private, may be held responsible and liable for damages related to accidents. Victims may suffer from brain damage in near-drowning cases, head trauma from diving into improperly marked shallow water, damage to skin, eyes, or lungs from exposure to toxic levels of chemicals, or infection from bacteria or parasites that grow in water without enough chlorine. The effects of these injuries may last for years if not a lifetime. If you or a family member is a victim of such suffering, let a skilled drowning lawyer hold the responsible parties accountable.

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