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Dangers of a Defective Pool Gate

What to do when a Defective Pool Gate Leads to a Drowning

As a parent you work hard to keep your children safe. You try not to expose them to unnecessary risks and you take reasonable precaution to keep them out of harm's way. When a negligent pool owner fails to repair or replace a defective pool gate it can quickly lead to tragedy for you, your child and your family. If you have a child who has sustained serious injury in a near-drowning accident or who has drowned after gaining entry into a nearby pool, you need to hire a skilled drowning attorney to be an aggressive advocate on your behalf.

You should not be having to worry about the pursuit of financial remuneration when your child and family need you during this difficult time. Attorney Doan is an experienced drowning attorney who has the skills necessary to prove liability in these types of cases. While you stay with your loved ones, he and his legal team will work diligently to prepare a solid case that can help you recover damages commensurate to the sustained injuries or loss.

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Nationwide Drowning Lawyer

Seeking damages after this type of accident is not always easily done. Pool owners and property owners are often quick to try and lay blame on the victim, stating that it was his or her fault for having gone into the pool area in the first place. Insurance companies may also attempt to deny claims or argue that their client is not to blame. This just adds insult to injury. Had the pool gate not been defective in the first place, the accident never would have happened. If there is reasonable expectation to believe that the owner was well aware of the defective pool gate, yet took no immediate action to fix it, legal action can be pursued to recover damages.

Attorney Doan is a nationwide drowning lawyer who has helped countless victims and their families obtain justice against the individual or individuals whose negligence was responsible for causing them so much heartbreak and pain. He and his legal investigative team are able to go anywhere within the continental U.S. so that they can conduct an on-scene investigation, interview potential witness and gather the evidence necessary to substantiate your case.

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