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Apartment Pool Drowning Lawyer

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Apartment complexes often have a pool as one of the amenities residents and their guests can enjoy. As such, residents have reason to expect that the apartment management will not only keep the pool maintained, but that certain safety precautions will be taken to keep the residents who use it safe from harm. Any failure to do so could lead to innocent lives being lost. If you or someone you love has drowned or had a near-drowning experience in an apartment pool, you need to seek counsel from a drowning lawyer at once.

The Doan Law Firm, P.C. provides nationwide representation for the victims and families of apartment pool drowning accidents. When a drowning accident is caused by negligence or neglect on the part of the apartment management, Attorney Doan and his firm can work tirelessly to help you file a lawsuit or claim to seek damages for all sustained injuries and losses.

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There are many actions apartment building owners, management companies, and their staff are required to take to safeguard a property so as to protect its residents, including:

  • A permanently-posted sign listing the "pool rules"
  • Warning notices alerting guests that no lifeguard is on duty
  • Security gate to keep unauthorized guests and non-residents from gaining entry

When their responsibilities are neglected, injury can result. A defective pool fence can allow easy access to a child who would otherwise be prevented from going in the pool area without adult supervision.

The cost of having to provide the level of attention and life-long care resulting from a drowning accident should not be the responsibility of the victim or the victim's family. The responsible party or parties need to be held legally and financially liable for their actions and his firm can help. Attorney Doan is an experience drowning attorney who has the knowledge and skills to help determine whether negligence, carelessness or indifference on the part of another party tasked with maintaining and safeguarding the pool area is what led to your injuries or your loved one's death. Once he has been able to prove liability, he will stop at nothing to help you pursue justice and just compensation.

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