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Drowning Accidents Blog

Protecting Legal Rights Following a Drowning Accident

Accidental drowning cases represent a significant issue in the United States. An average of 3,536 fatal unintentional drownings not related to a boating accident occur each year in the United States, ...
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Pursuing a Wrongful Death Case with an Experienced Lake Livingston Drowning Lawyer

Collin Campbell, an experienced triathlete, was competing in a triathlon on Sunday, February 11, 2016, at Lake Livingston. The 27-year old Campbell was considered a strong swimmer by his family, ...
Continue reading "Pursuing a Wrongful Death Case with an Experienced Lake Livingston Drowning Lawyer" »

Dartmouth Swimmer Drowning Death Under Investigation

Tate Ramsden, a 21-year-old Dartmouth College swimmer who drowned Saturday, December 26 th, 2015, was believed to have been attempting to swim four laps underwater without surfacing for air. According ...
Continue reading "Dartmouth Swimmer Drowning Death Under Investigation" »

The Doan Law Firm Backs Anti-Drowning Organization

The Doan Law Firm, P.C. has made a substantial monetary contribution to The Texas Drowning Prevention Alliance (TXDPA). This wonderful organization is dedicated to preventing drowning incidents by ...
Continue reading "The Doan Law Firm Backs Anti-Drowning Organization" »

Missing Emergency Equipment and Drowning Incidents

If either you or someone that you love was involved in a near drowning or drowning accident due to emergency equipment that was missing leading to the much reduced possibility of resuscitation and/or ...
Continue reading "Missing Emergency Equipment and Drowning Incidents" »

Accidents from Improperly Trained Pool Staff

It's already a risk for those who swim in public pools, for those that have a staff that's not trained properly it creates a danger that is so much larger. The Doan Law Firm fights for the ...
Continue reading "Accidents from Improperly Trained Pool Staff" »

Diving Board Drowning Accident and Drowning Lawyer

An injury from a diving board accident occurs every single hour on every single day in the United States on the average summer's day. Over 6,500 children and young adults will be admitted into the ...
Continue reading "Diving Board Drowning Accident and Drowning Lawyer" »

Beach Accidents - What to Do When They Occur

Having a day out at the beach is something that's a tradition for a lot of families. There are quite a few resorts that are close to the beach intentionally other than simply having the pools and ...
Continue reading "Beach Accidents - What to Do When They Occur" »

The Consequences of Near and Accidental Drowning

Beaches, boats, swimming pools and water parks can be extremely dangerous areas for not only children but adults as well. There are also some risks to fishing charter boats and commercial dive boats. ...
Continue reading "The Consequences of Near and Accidental Drowning" »

Swimming Pool Drowning Lawyer

There are a significant amount of pool accidents that happen due to pool fences being improperly or not at all covered or fenced off. The negligence can be on the part of the caregiving, property ...
Continue reading "Swimming Pool Drowning Lawyer" »

Tips for Preventing Accidental Drowning

Anytime you're around water of any kind there's the chance that tragedy can strike. The unfortunate reality of all drowning accidents is almost all of them could have been avoided. The ...
Continue reading "Tips for Preventing Accidental Drowning" »

Accidental Drowning Water Safety Laws and Regulations

There are voluntary guidelines that were developed by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. These voluntary guidelines include both labelling and education. This is the effort of ...
Continue reading "Accidental Drowning Water Safety Laws and Regulations" »

Attorney Doan Attends NDPA Educational Conference

During March 11-13, 2015, Attorney Jimmy Doan attended the National Drowning Prevention Alliance's 14 th annual Educational Conference. This conference took place at the Westin Dallas Park Central ...
Continue reading "Attorney Doan Attends NDPA Educational Conference" »

Near Drowning Accidents and Hiring a Drowning Lawyer

Injuries suffered from a near drowning accident are a heart wrenching time for the person involved as well as the entire family. Near drowning accidents cause injuries that can include permanent ...
Continue reading "Near Drowning Accidents and Hiring a Drowning Lawyer" »

Negligent Lifeguards and Drowning Accidents

No matter where your child is swimming, public beach, a city pool and so on, lifeguards are in charge and trusted to protect the safety of children whether they're in or close to water. Lifeguards ...
Continue reading "Negligent Lifeguards and Drowning Accidents" »

Overcrowded Swimming Pools and Pool Accident Claims

There's an increased chance of accidental drowning occurring anytime someone is swimming in an overcrowded swimming pool. The lifeguards and the operators of the pool have a responsibility to ...
Continue reading "Overcrowded Swimming Pools and Pool Accident Claims" »

Pool and Drowning Accidents: When to Seek Help

Many people don't know what to do after a pool accident or death and when to seek help. What are the steps that you'd take if you had a loved one that drowned? What would you do if you had ...
Continue reading "Pool and Drowning Accidents: When to Seek Help" »

Children Involved in Drowning Accidents

Every year there will be more than 3,400 people in the United States that will die from drowning with one out of every five of the drowning victims being under 14 years of age. Some additional ...
Continue reading "Children Involved in Drowning Accidents" »

Hot Tub and Spa Accidents

Sadly, there are very many tragic accidents that both can and do occur when a spa or a hot tub isn't maintained properly, and there are also some cases where there is a lack of proper supervision ...
Continue reading "Hot Tub and Spa Accidents" »

Accidental Drowning Due To Defective Gates and Latches

If your child has drowned through entering a pool due to a defective latch or gate you need to contact a Houston drowning accident lawyer at The Doan Law Firm in order to obtain immediate and ...
Continue reading "Accidental Drowning Due To Defective Gates and Latches" »

Drowning or Near Drowning Accidents Caused by Murky and Cloudy Water Pools

When there are swimming pools that have water that's cloudy or murky it becomes increasingly more dangerous. For instance, swimmers that are in distress can be lost easily underwater when the ...
Continue reading "Drowning or Near Drowning Accidents Caused by Murky and Cloudy Water Pools" »

The Importance of Supervision at the Pool

Even though an individual can fall victim to a water related accident at any age, in children ages 1-4, drowning is the second leading cause of death. When water related injuries are non-fatal, it can ...
Continue reading "The Importance of Supervision at the Pool" »

Protecting the Victims of Pool Drowning and Swimming Pool Injury

This weekend, millions of Americans will be enjoying the sun by their pool, the ocean, a lake or the river. As we celebrate Labor Day 2014, The Doan Law Firm, P.C. wants to inform you of extra safety ...
Continue reading "Protecting the Victims of Pool Drowning and Swimming Pool Injury" »

Katy Lifeguard Drowns in Pool at Recreation Center

Regardless of who you are or how much swimming experience or training you have, the reality is that drowning accidents can happen to anyone—even lifeguards. Local news outlets have reported this ...
Continue reading "Katy Lifeguard Drowns in Pool at Recreation Center" »

Attorney Doan Speaking at April Pools Day

Temperatures are warming up and summer is only a few months away. This means Texas residents will soon start hitting the pools, lakes, beaches and other areas where they can cool down. It is for this ...
Continue reading "Attorney Doan Speaking at April Pools Day" »
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